Our Story

Gary, our owner, founder, and president, sold his successful aerospace company in Orange County, California in 2016. After years of experience building teams and manufacturing processes, Gary decided to combine his personal passion for cannabis with his CNC machining expertise. In 2017, we launched our custom line of USA Type 2 Titanium nails, which are still a customer favorite!

Andy, a friend of Gary's son-in-law, was asked to join the team as our project manager and e-commerce site developer. Being the lifelong learner and advanced nerd that he is, overtime, many things were learned and mastered! If "he builds it, they will come"!

Holly, is the finest shipping manager and customer service representative imaginable! She goes the extra mile to serve our customers and makes sure every order is on point and shipped professionally.

The Dabbing Wholesaler Team Members: [From Left to Right] Holly, Shipping & Customer Service, Gary, Owner, Founder & President, Andy IT, DevOps & Project Manager

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Our mission

Our Mission

Our whole-hearted approach is to form lasting business relationships with individuals and organizations so that we can grow our businesses together. We'll provide you with impeccable customer service and always promise to go the extra mile to continue to earn your business. We have many more products available that can be specially ordered for you, or immediately sent out to you, so please do inquire with any product needs that you don't see represented on the site currently.

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